There’s Not Enough!


So I have a slight problem.  I am not getting enough “points” each day.  In Weight Watchers language, that translates into not eating enough “power foods” that give me the energy that I need.  It’s a learning process.  I have to learn how to make some things ahead which are high in protein.  Extra-specially on the days when I go to the gym … !  


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  1. Beware the carbs etc. of protein bars and their ilk! Nuts, too, are high in protein but also high in fat. My favorite high protein snack is kale chips with nutritional yeast sprinkled on them. You can find both ingredients at Wegman’s or a local health food store. Also good? Chicken, in any form!

      • I know it seems counter intuitive, but eating more often is actually better for weight loss and your metabolism. What happens when we go more than 3 or 4 hours without eating is that your body thinks you don’t have a reliable food source and that you are in danger of starving. So to counteract that, it stores a lot of what you do eat as fat. It’s called starvation mode and is a self preservation response that’s built in to our DNA. However, if you eat small meals (300-400 calories) every 3 hours, your body realizes that food sourcing is not a problem and releases fat deposits to use as fuel, it also makes your metabolism skyrocket. If you go in to a meal when you’re really hungry you have a tendency to overeat which slows your metabolism. Try it for a few days. Even if it means setting an alarm on your phone, eat 5 meals, 3 hours apart. If you want to discuss more about this, email me and I can show you more about clean eating and how simple it can be without counting points!

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